Minggu, 31 Januari 2010

Canon de 75 M(montagne) modele 1919 Schneider

The Canon de 75 M(montagne) modèle 1919 Schneider (75 mm mle.1919) was a French mountain gun designed as a replacement of the 65 mm mle 1906. The mle 1919 was manufactured by Schneider and used during World War II. For transport, the gun could be broken down into seven sections. This weapon was also used by Greece, Poland, and Yugoslavia. When captured by the Germans, the French guns were designated 7.5cm GebK 237(f); the Yugoslav guns were designated 7.5cm GebK 283(j); and Polish guns were possibly designated as 7.5cm GebK M.19(p). (1 - p.16) The gun crew was protected by an armoured shield.Specifications
In 1923 the Brazilian Army ordered several Schneider Model 1919 75mm Mountains guns. At least 3 of them are now on display at Forte de Copacabana Museum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

* Calibre: 75 mm (2.95 in)
* Elevation: -10° to +40°
* Muzzle velocity: 400 m/s (1,312 ft/s)
* Range: 9,025 m (9,869 yds)
* Combat weight: 660 kg (1,455 lbs)
* Transport weight: 721 kg (1,589 lbs)
* Shell weight: 6.33 kg (14 lbs)

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